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Thistlewood Pottery Studio

Meet the Wheel Workshop

Meet the Wheel Workshop

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Come! Play with the clay and get MUDDY! See how you like spinning the pottery wheel with no commitment to a series of classes. This is a one time event. I own two pottery wheels, so there is only room for 2 or 3 if it's a group of friends. The workshop is led by artist and potter Cheryl Penner. I will help you get your clay centered on the wheel. From there you will learn to open the clay and form the walls of your vessel. In this class, you will be able to make several vessels. Whether it's a bowl, tumbler, or vase will depend on your guiding hands. Choose 3 pieces which you would like me to glaze for you in one color of your choice. I look forward to our class! The clay is waiting! The price includes all your materials and kiln firings.

Who is this class for?
Workshops are intended for anyone 12 and up. Younger than 12? Reach out to us or register with a parent.

How long is the workshop?
We will work at the clay for the full 1.5 hour time slot. After that you are responsible for washing your tools and wheel so it is ready for the next class.

What do you make?
There will be 5 lumps clay for each person to use at the wheel. At the end of the class, you can choose up to 3 of the vessels you created. After that I will trim and glaze them. They will be ready in a few weeks to pick up.
How this workshop works.
Sign up online, over the phone, by email, or by visiting the studio. Dress for the mess! We recommend wearing clothes you can get muddy in. Think gardening clothes. We generally have aprons available, but not all the time. Also, long nails, rings, and dangly bracelets can hinder making pottery. Show up 5 to 10 minutes early. In a full set of classes, you can mix and match glazes to your hearts content, but in this class you will be given the option of black, white, sapphire blue, or red. Clean up is a shared activity. Everyone lends a hand and is responsible for cleaning their space as much as possible. Reminder: Practice makes perfect! You have likely seen many beautiful large and intricate pieces of pottery that you dream of making something similar. Remember, every potter makes hundreds and thousands of failed pieces that you do not see. Please rather focus on the experience of playing with clay, rather than producing a large vessel on your very first experience. You may also find that some of your items will crack in the process. This is also part of the learning process. I will teach you as well as I can to compress the bottoms, but there are so many variables with this cracking issue. Advice from a potter of many years experience: Never love a piece until it is finished. We'll do our best to make sure you have something to bring home that makes you smile!

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