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Siplicious Loose Leaf Tea

Siplicious Loose Leaf Tea

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SIPLICIOUS is a family owned & operates company in Alberta. 

We are on a mission  to share our love of tea with a new generation of tea drinkers and with our loyal customers that by supplying teas that are curated and crafted from only the finest ingredients.

We believe that you should love what's in your cup.

Packaged in 50g bags. 

Ginger Peach- Black Tea- Full Caffeine- Ingredients- Black tea, papaya pieces, blackberry leaves, ginger, calendula petals, peach pieces, sunflower petals, organic compliant natural flavours.

Earl Grey Cream- Black Tea- Full Caffeine- Ingredients- Black tea, cornflower petals, natural flavours (organic compliant)

Lavender Earl Grey- Black Tea- Full Caffeine- Ingredients- Black tea, lavender, cornflower petals, natural flavours

Sweet Peaches- Rooibos Tea- Caffeine Free- Ingredients- Rooibos, blackberry leaves, calendula petals, natural flavours (organic compliant)

Blueberry Cream- Fruit Tisane- Caffeine Free- Ingredients- Apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehips, beetroot, blueberries, blackberries, cornflowers, barbery, natural flavours

Strawberry Kiwi- Fruit Tisane- Caffeine Free- Ingredients-Luxury apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, dried strawberries, and kiwi, organic compliant natural flavours. 

Cherrylicious- Fruit Tisane- Caffeine Free- Ingredients- Dried apple pieces, hibiscus, rose hip, beetroot, sea buckthorn, dried cherries, natural flavour

Mango Peach- Fruit Tisane- Caffeine Free- Ingredients- Apple Pieces, pineapple, (pineapple, sugar), papaya (papaya, sugar) lemon peel, peach (peach, sugar), natural flavour

Coconut Siam- Green Tea- Caffiene Medium- Ingredients- Green tea, lemongrass, organic coconut and natural flavours

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