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Stone City Coffee

Stone City Coffee, 100 Gram Bag

Stone City Coffee, 100 Gram Bag

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At Stone City Coffee Roasters, near Steinbach, Mb, we are a husband and wife coffee roasting team. We source the finest high-grown Arabica coffee beans from around the world. Our handcrafted small batch approach is what makes are relationship with our coffee unique. Our method ensures that the beans are roasted to perfection, which inevitably results in an exquisitely smooth cup of coffee, bursting with flavor, every time. We find joy in sharing our freshly roasted cup of coffee with you. Below you will find the descriptions of Stone City's coffee that we have available for sale here at Thistlewood Pottery Studio.

Brazil- Medium Roast (100 g bag)
Available in Whole Bean or Grounds
Brazil is home to some of the most consistently sweet and well structured coffees. It is hand selected from lots and processed to create a smooth, clean, and a highly consistent product. The notes are nutty, sweet, and chocolate. We roast it to medium to bring out the best notes this coffee has to offer.

Berkeley Blend- Medium Roast, (100 g bag)
Available in Whole Bean or Grounds
This medium roast African/American mixed, Arabica bean coffee will make every morning better. It has subtle notes of fruit, brown sugar, and almond. It is smooth and has a complex taste. This blend is a crowd pleaser every time!

Autumnwood Blend- Dark Roast, (100 g Bag)
Available in Whole Bean or Grounds
This African/American mixed coffee blend has been roasted in small batches to bring out the optimum flavors in each bean. It is dark roasted for those who love a dark coffee blend. it has hints of caramel, toasted nut and chocolate. Autumnwood works great for your espresso lattes or iced coffee.

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