Minimalist Decor Tips  for Homes that are Small

Minimalist Decor Tips for Homes that are Small

Simple Décor Tips I've learned while living in my tiny home.

1. Add greenery somewhere. Don't feel one bit bad if it's fake. At least it won't die on you. Airplane/ spider plants are super forgivable and can be picked up most anywhere. Those little "airplanes" it sends out can go straight into potting soil.

2. Use several textures. I love earthy textures like pottery, wood, linen, and metal. I have a great supply of pottery to choose from, but still choose wisely. It's expensive, but taken care of well should last a long time. Possibly even becoming an heirloom. My metal pieces have been given to me from students I've taught, becoming precious metals since the people are precious to me. My wooden piece comes from the time I spent in Mozambique, Africa. My linens have been curated from different sources. My favorite tablecloth I used to entertain comes from @autumndusklinens.

3. Memorabilia 🤍Always. Use pieces from special people. Even if they don't completely fit your décor. I think of several people every time I entertain. If it's from your mothers second cousins aunt on the other side and you don't love it.... Then it's quite fine to pass along unless you absolutely love it and it's fits just smashing with your décor.

4. Most importantly for the tiny home. Regift. Repurpose. There are nieces, neighbors, Goodwill, or other thrift stores with customers who are looking for just that item (possibly). Only keep that which brings you joy.
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