Thistlewood's owner, Cheryl Penner, is the artist behind the wheel. All the pottery is handmade either on the potter's wheel or by slab work at our studio in Whitemouth, Manitoba. Each ceramic piece is handmade with love and attention to detail. Designed to feel soft and inviting, these wares make your home cozy and inviting. 

As a lover of nature, the inspiration for the pieces are taken from breakfasting on her deck, at the beach in summer, in the forest while hiking, or even while sitting by the fire in winter. You can see the blues of the sky and water, the browns and greens of the forest, and colors of the sunrise and sunset as you look through her work. 


Cheryl Penner

I grew up in rural Manitoba with the wind in my hair, surrounded by bird song, and happy times. Being out in nature was and still is a time of joy: endless hikes, times spent around the campfire with family and friends, puttering in my new garden space, worshipping our Great Creator with church family on Sunday, paddling down the river, crunching across the snow in my snowshoes, gliding down hills in skis, soaking up the heat of my fireplace, and much much more.


brick and mortar


Thistlewood is located at 38 Elevator Road in Whitemouth, Mb. Our town in on the 44 highway. We are an hour from the outskirts of Winnipeg on the way to the Whiteshell Provinicial Park.



Bouquets + Arrangements

Our floral fridge is stocked with flowers year round.

As child, I would walk around my mother's garden and pick flowers, much to her dismay. I loved the look of a bouquet on the table, and she loved the look of the flowers in the garden. Haha. Now we both get the best of both worlds.


Multimedia collage