Thoughtful Gifting for the Busy Mom

Thoughtful Gifting for the Busy Mom

Are you a busy Mom with Christmas gift giving on your mind? There are children in school and several at home and no time to run to the store? You do want to buy the new teacher something she really loves for Christmas, but you don't know what her style is since you have hardly had a moment to chat. 

I just thought I would pop on here to let you know about a feature I have in my website. Send your teachers to my website to choose what they like. They can favorite items and share the list with you. That way you can spend your hard earned dollars knowing they will like what they get. 

Following is a link to my Shopify store.

(Look for the little heart in the upper right corner to see your favorites. Click on the heart on the listing to add to favorites.)

At this time, there is free shipping on orders over $100 on my Etsy store at this time using the coupon code FREESHIP. Follow this link to get to my Etsy store.

If you want to keep it easy you can take screenshots of what you like and send me an email at We can figure out the best shipping option for you. If it's a gift, please let us know. That way we won't send any invoice/receipt with the gift. 


Cheryl Penner 

  1. This is also a handy way to let those around you know what you want as well. :)
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