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Thistlewood Pottery Studio

Pottery Class

Pottery Class

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Whether you are a beginner or just want to come play on the wheel, this is where you book your class. My classes are designed and priced for two people. Find a friend and come play in the clay. 

What this years classes look like:

This winter our space is smaller thus making it only possible to have two extra wheels up. There is not space for slab building classes or large groups unfortunately. Hopefully in the spring once my brothers crew is out working there will be more space. :) The class will be 1.5 hours long. All clay, glaze, and firing services are included. Clay is limited to five pounds per person per time. That is approximately 5 lumps of clay which in times past has been a good amount. If you are coming back, we will set your items aside and you can glaze them as you would like using any color I have. If this is a one time class, you can choose between blue, white, or black glaze options. 

How to book:

I plan to post classes twice a month. Join my email list to be the first to be notified about the classes. I am not planning weeks in advance. Life happens, I know. If you need to cancel the class I need a weeks notice for a full refund. As for inclement weather, we will reschedule the class. 

If a class is booked, it is possible there is only one person in the class. You can gladly reach out to me to see if there is room available in that class. I can make a manual appointment. 

Location: 38 Elevator Road, Whitemouth, MB 

My space is located in a big brown shop. My brother has graciously given me space. It is a large open area. Be prepared, the guys might be working on the drill rigs or trucks so it may get noisy and smelly. It may be cold in winter and hot in summer. This is a work space, not a party space. (note: we are an hour east of Winnipeg.)

Notes: Working with clay is FUN, but messy. We do have aprons. If I forget to point them out, feel free to ask. Typically the clay doesn't stain clothes, but an apron is nice to help with the mess. As for rings and bracelets, although beautiful, please remove them before working on the wheel. Extras just get in the way of the clay. That goes for long and freshly manicured fingernails. Fingernails are best short. Plan your manicure for after the event if possible. Your fingers are so involved in making the bowls. 

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